About us

The Company INM from Arilje deals with manufacture of roof and façade trapezoidal sections and building goods intended for wide range of applications in practice.

Our products are used for covering and lining of buildings in housing or industrial building: workshops, warehouses, auxiliary and main buildings, garages, roof projections, buildings etc.

The Company's characteristic are permanent rising, both in production capacities development and in developing new products, increasing production volume, number of employees, as well as their advanced training. Following the trends in this field, INM became well known in Serbian market and more and more often, it exports its products abroad. By selling its products in foreign market, the Company confirms its successful policy of professional approach and maintaining of the quality level in its products and services.

Because of technology and work process development, the Company INM successfully follows all technology innovations and it that manner maintains the leading position in its field of business activity.

The Company INM from Arilje has been founded in 1992 as the family company with bold ideas and faith in the business that it deals with.

The tradition for two generations of Mutavdzic family presents itself with success through various business projects, both in domestic and in international markets, endeavoring to solve all challenges that the clients put before it.

INM from Arilje in 2007 received international quality certificate - TÜV Sud – as the proof that it is a serious company with modern approach and production program.

It is INM's permanent commitment is to deliver the products of high, stable and recognizable quality, with the intention to preserve its reputation and increase the market share.

The Company has more than 20 employees and annually processes 3,000 tons of raw materials.